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Master’s admissions

Application Process

With the delivery of this form duly completed and required form, you will begin the process as a candidate for the posgraduate program of your selection.

* The places in our graduate programs are limited and are covered by a strict reservation order, once the admission process is awarded, it will be closed. We recommend that you begin the admission process several months in advance.

Admission process and tests

After all of the documentation that makes up the candidature is supplied and it is determined that the candidate meets the minimum standards required, they will then be invited to take a series of written and oral tests. The admission tests have a non-refundable administrative fee of € 160, which must be paid in cash at ISDE´s Secretariat on the same day the tests are taken, by bank transfer in ISDE´s current account or payment with credit card via the secure payment platform (in these last two cases the proof of payment must be sent to the Admissions Department before the date of the tests).

Do you have any question?

Contacte con nuestro Departamento de Admisiones:

Phone: (+34) 911 265 180

Email: info@isde.es

Horario: L-V: 10:00- 14:00 / 15:00- 19:00