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Economist & Jurist grant funds

Through these funds, Economist & Jurist supports professionals committed to raise their knowledge and aptitudes, as they will benefit the legal profession and the whole society.

 The application for this grant will be contingent upon overcoming ISDE admission process for each specific programme. Otherwise, it will not be accepted for processing. Once the admission process is overcome, a personal code (Student Code) will be sent to the candidate to finalize the application. 

 Application must be submitted to, including the following documents:

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  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter (free-format) including description of how he/she envisions his/her professional future and main goals, and why studying the selected programme is necessary for the applicant to help him/her to achieve those goals above described. It must also include detailed explanation about why the applicant needs the grant to afford the cost and amount requested. That amount cannot reach more than 50% of the programme cost.
  • Any other document deemed by applicant as necessary to reinforce his/her application.
  • Statement of responsibility

The scholarship fund assigned to a program is always distributed before the beginning of the program and until the amount is depleted. For this reason, it is not possible to apply for a scholarship once the program has started.

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