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Start: September

(18 months)






University of Miami

Access + Master in Markets, Industry and Sports and Entertainment Law

  • The Access to the Law Profession program guarantees its students a quality education not only to pass the state exam to enter the profession, which is mandatory for registration, but also to start their professional career with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice with all the guarantees required by the profession.

    In addition to this, it provides specialized training for a world, that of sport, which occupies one of the most important positions within the entertainment sector. It is therefore essential to know both the general aspects characteristic of the whole sector, as well as what is specific to sport, within it.

    Responding to this need, this master’s degree provides an overview of the legal, economic, organizational and management aspects that affect it. It therefore includes various modules that connect sporting activity with audiovisual, gaming, video game, information and brand policy protection policies, etc. The aim is to explain and familiarize students with the central elements of the markets associated with sport.

    In order to achieve the objective of a complete training, during the first phase all the aspects included in the program are studied in depth, always with an application to situations that reproduce with fidelity the cases and the working environment of the professionals of the area.

  • CAMPUS: Madrid

    DURATION: 18 months


    Two phases:

    • Phase one: Classroom instruction:
      • One academic year for entrance studies plus one academic semester for the Master in Industrial Markets and Sports and Entertainment Law.
      • Classes from Monday to Thursday. Timetable, according to the access modality chosen.
      • Some mornings per week students will attend lectures and practical sessions at ISDE’s offices and collaborating institutions, with offices in the city of Madrid.
      • Fridays dedicated to personal study, group work and workshops.
      • Depending on the location, students will spend time at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. or at NYU in New York, as part of the Master in International Law program.
    • Second phase: Integration in internships:
      • Mandatory phase. One academic semester in law firms or legal departments of large ISDE collaborating companies (more than 250) both nationally and internationally.

    • Sports law attorney.
    • Management of sports entities
    • Sports agent
    • Director of Advertising and Corporate Image
    • Communications Officer
    • Sports industry
    • Human resources management
    • Legal Advice for Sports Entities
    • Treasury management


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