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Joaquín Muñoz




Start: 24th March

(120 hours)




On-site, Online, Adaptive Method

Executive Course New Law & Legaltech

  • The program is a complete immersion in the knowledge of the most disruptive technologies, as well as the business aspects related to their use.   

    It is aimed at lawyers who want to be trained in the impact of technology, both in the legal profession and in their clients’ businesses.  

    The objective is that lawyers can understand the language of business technologists, fluently handling technical concepts, as well as the most basic notions of technology, all from the hand of experts in the legal, technological and business areas, with a unique methodology, eminently practical, agile and collaborative.  

    The Program will have the practical methodology of ISDI, which will provide you with professional tools and skills beyond the merely academic. 

  • DISCOVERY CLASSES  (Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings)

    Taught by leaders in the legal environment and experts in technology and digital transformation of the main companies of the Digital Revolution. Side by side, you will obtain an essential layer of digital business and technological knowledge applied to the legal sector in different industries.  


    Welcome to ISDI’s famous core project, a demanding teamwork that will help you internalize the competitive advantages you will gain from digitization and the application of technology to the legal sector.  

    Knowledge is only efficiently integrated when the student applies it in practice, and in the Executive Tech for Law course, this is achieved through the backbone project. This is a practical project organized in groups guided and tutored by an expert, in which the knowledge acquired is applied using agile methodologies and collaborative tools.   

    The backbone project is carried out throughout the course, so that students can incorporate the new knowledge they acquire in real time into their practical work. At the end of the course, the final project is presented before a panel, testing the knowledge and skills acquired in an authentic and unforgettable context.  

    Project structure:  

    Sprint by area and deliverables: The project is divided into different phases, with specific objectives (deliverables) that are worked on in closed periods of time (Sprints) in an iterative manner. In each deliverable, progress is presented, whose comments serve as a basis for the next iteration until reaching the final Sprint and deliverable.   

    High performance teams: Generation of work dynamics to maximize the skills of each member of the group and the productivity of the team together with a high-performance coach.   

    Product Owners: ISDI tutor assigned to each of the groups. Acts as a lighthouse, guide and mirror of the work done. Does not give the answers, but helps students ask the necessary questions.   

    Digital Tools: Trello, Slack, Canva, G-Suite, Mural… Tools to improve communication and workflow in a highly demanding and remote digital work environment.  


    Workshops on the main trends: Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity and basic coding concepts. Digital business tools and platforms, LinkedIn for business development, pricing, corporate, surveillance or enforcement tools.  

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