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International Taxation Course in the USA

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Levin College of Law,
University of Florida




1 week






Training stay at the prestigious Levin College of Law of the University of Florida Gainesville, number one in this matter in rankings of US Universities, focus on receiving lectures and participating in workshops of International Taxation and to deepen the knowledge of the North American fiscal and financial regulations.

Why should you choose this program?

  • This academic stay program, with its corresponding diploma, takes place in the prestigious University of Florida Gainesville, Nº 1 in US in taxation and international taxation, where the student will attend master classes and participate in International Taxation workshops.

  • We train the student to become a professional capable of understanding how the US tax system works in order to offer his services globally.

  • You will work with real practical cases taught by tax experts from Big Fours, national and international law firms and boutiques.


In-house training:

  • Introduction to US Law (Federal system, sources of law)
  • Federal Income Tax – property transactions and transfer taxes
  • US Corporate taxation
  • US Corporate transactions
  • US Partnership taxation
  • US International taxation – inbound and outbound basic rules
  • Subpart F and the foreign tax credit
  • US tax treaties: Treaty abuse, beneficial ownership, limitation on benefits; and
  • Treaty planning, treaty shopping, recent structures.

Leisure activities:

  • Guided visits to the most important law firms in Miami
  • Free time



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