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Legal English and TOLES Exam Preparation

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January 14, 2020


March 6, 2020


30 hours
Tuesday and Thursday/19:00-21:00h


March 19, 2020


595 €


180 €




2 x 2 hours per week, Tuesday and Thursday
Total: 30 hours

Legal English and TOLES Exam Preparation

This practical and dynamic course focuses on the skills and vocabulary needed for an international lawyer working in a commercial context and participants work towards taking the TOLES exam at the end of the course (optional – an extra cost applies).

The ‘Test of Legal English Skills’, known as TOLES, has become the number one qualification for practising international lawyers and law students, which is recognized worldwide by leading law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies.


The key language skills and communication strategies you will focus on include:

  • Understanding and using specific legal vocabulary relevant in the global commercial market.
  • Writing formal letters and communicating by email.
  • Simplification of contract clauses – mastering the use of Plain English.
  • Understanding and explaining complex legal documentation.
  • Writing and speaking with grammatical accuracy.
  • A commercial awareness of law by focusing on real tasks carried out by lawyers in international legal offices.
  • Techniques to help gain the best score possible on the TOLES exam.

Why should you choose this program?

  • The TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) exam is the number one exam for practicing lawyers and law students.

  • Learn to understand and use specific vocabulary relevant in the global commercial market.

  • Improve your writing skills for all types of legal documents, letters and emails.
  • Perfect your communication skills enabling you to work more effectively in an international commercial setting.

Career opportunities

The TOLES Exam Body is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales. TOLES legal English training materials and exams have been developed following the advice of experienced commercial lawyers.

Law firms and organisations that have already entered candidates for the TOLES exams include The European Central Bank, The European Court of Justice, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Siemens and Sony Ericsson.

Academic Program

The Legal English (TOLES) course includes an intensive study of these areas:

  • Commercial legal vocabulary in context
  • The terminology of commercial contracts
  • Best practice in modern contract drafting
  • Accurate modern letter-writing skills
  • Forms of business in the UK
  • Company law and its vocabulary
  • Presenting information and legal opinions
  • Comparing styles – legalese and plain English
  • The requirements of leading law firms in 2017

Legal English lessons focus upon these aspects of English language:

  • Vocabulary crash course
  • Accurate and natural sentence structure in English
  • Modern style and register
  • Comparing the legal English of the UK and the USA
  • Accurate prepositions in English
  • Accurate collocations in English
  • Accurate formation of questions
  • Accurate conditional sentences

All our teachers are fully qualified English teachers and combine extensive teaching experience with a strong legal background.

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