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Master in Digital Transformation


Cynthia Favero

Francisco Álvarez


Start: November, 5th






40 hours of on-site training in Madrid. Internship option 480h.

Introduction and objectives

Digital transformation is not an option. All those that do not make a firm commitment towards digital transformation, will be left behind, as they will not be efficient or competitive. Digital transformation is a huge opportunity for those professionals, companies and Government entities that decide to be at the forefront, as main players.  

The high demand for professionals trained in the field, capable of leading the process of adapting structures and processes, as well as training staff in this new mentality, is a reflection of the imperative need for this transformation.  

This master’s degree is the program that will turn you into human capital that is so in demand for the future, capable of taking any organization to the level of maximum efficiency that only digitalization can provide. Through an online method that allows you to combine your studies with your working life and with the possibility of consolidating your knowledge and skills through 480 hours of professional internships in leading companies in digital transformation processes, this master’s degree will begin by transforming you, so that you can be the one to transform your organization. 

The Master in Digital Transformation is a postgraduate program which aims to train competent professionals, who are able to respond to the needs of digitization of both the public and private sectors. All this in a market where there is an exponential demand for qualified leaders to lead the processes necessary for the adaptation and integration of new technologies. 

The master’s degree allows students to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to undertake digital transformation projects, and the acquisition of complex skills. This represents a significant increase in labor competitiveness, as there is a clear market niche and a need for public and private companies to adapt to the current reality. 

Through the advanced internship program, students are introduced to digital transformation on a national and international scale, allowing them to develop a professional future within the framework of digital transformation leadership, consulting in new technologies, cybersecurity, implementation of digitization strategy designs, etc. 

Students will also acquire a prestigious training in the field of new technologies, information society, e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, developing strategies for digital transformation to improve communication with customers, reducing costs, and improving competitiveness. 

Students can study online and in a flexible way to be able to combine studies with work and family life. 

Students will have the possibility of completing 480 hours of professional internships in leading companies in the digital transformation sector. 

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