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Prof. D. Luis Pérez Fernández
Prof. D. Pablo García García




October - February - March - May

(An academic course)





Master in Management of Legal Firms and Strategic Marketing

  • As in any other professional sector, the business model of law firms today is forced to evolve, to attract customers and give them the best service from an efficient management. To do this, it is necessary to know the models of success, have the processes and technological tools necessary to implement them and attract and retain customers with the best marketing techniques. In addition to all this, it is necessary to have the traditional and indispensable skills for every lawyer, exercised in an excellent manner.

    To meet all these objectives, this program provides the necessary training to carry out the digital transformation of the firm, improving its international competitiveness, focusing on the differentiation and efficiency of the processes. We also train the lawyer in marketing and communication to achieve excellence that will place him in a privileged position with respect to other competitors

    In addition to the syllabus, students are provided with comprehensive software for the management of cloud offices and business intelligence techniques that, through the application of bigdata solutions, allow them to analyze customers, creating value and maximizing profits.

  • It is an online program that is completely compatible with the practice of law, as it is designed for lawyers and active professionals.

    E-learning provides results comparable to or even superior to those obtained through conventional formats. In fact, it has been demonstrated that, in executive programs, students, who already have professional experience, work better through autonomous learning since they have different profiles depending on their previous personal experience.

    These students tend to have the fullest schedule and the most concrete learning objectives, so an asynchronously designed learning environment has proven to be the most effective in this type of course.

    The online methodology complemented by the meetings to be held in Madrid is the perfect combination to provide students with the knowledge and skills they are looking for when registering for this master’s degree.

    It includes personal access keys to the office management tool: Abogaplus.

    • Management of law firms.
    • Management of legal departments
    • Legaltech startups
    • ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider)

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