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Master in the 8M´s of “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence will not Replace Marketing Managers. But the Marketing Executives experts in Artificial Intelligence will replace those who are not (Manu Monasterio)

Building on a rigorous analysis of the core concepts of Marketing Management today, we convey the most advanced techniques and concepts of modern marketing or “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing so ISDE students can create their own “customer centric” marketing strategies.

All this, with the aim of helping the professionals who study our Master ISDE to adapt to the new technological demands of today, completing their previous training in law, economics, engineering … so that they can take an important step in their professional careers, that allows them to access managerial positions in the Marketing area.

And being key to develop Marketing Plans that allow to align the orientation to the market of the company with the needs of its clients. Differentiating therefore from its competitors with innovative marketing strategies as we will analyze in class that include the main concepts of the Marketing Direction of today (market segmentation, positioning, through the design of the distribution with their respective channels, strategies of communication … within the classic Marketing Mix (4P).

In this context, we will analyze, as Prof. Manu Monasterio’s Harvard colleagues indicate: The Top Trend in Marketing Management today: The 8M´S of “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing (or AI Marketing) created by Manu Monasterio in the world of Fashion, Luxury, Food and Beverages, Tourism and the sports industry …., among other representative s of European industries and its current winning products.

Basically, because it allows Marketing Executives and their companies to create a winning position, being “unique and personalized” for each of their customers. in the aforementioned industries representative of today’s leading European products.

Why choose the Master in the 8M’s of Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

  • Customers of Luxury products who, thanks to the “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing, get a unique and personalized experience that ISDE students can create as experts in the 8M´s of “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing.
  • The marketing departments of tourism companies do more (from the point of view of connection with their clients) with less; building hand-to-hand between Smart Machines and Marketing managers, from the automation of intelligent algorithms.

  • “Artificial Intelligence” Marketing also allows marketing companies teams from “Food and beverages” industries to create winning products through the “machine driven” custom design. With, in this context, winning Customer Marketing experiences around their wines, olive oil, biscuits, fashion …. among other products.
  • It is the place or channel of sales “Anywhere the client, in this case the fashion sector, is”.
  • “Dynamic” prices adapted “in real time” to the individual reality of each market (stock availability, consumer demand, competitors position…)

  • Communication Campaigns “100% one to one” managed in real time.
  • The “Artificial Intelligence” and their Smart Machines bring a fantastic added value in one to one marketing management in each one of the 4P of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

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