September - May + 1 month of internship June/July


Law Degree: Spanish
Master: Bilingual (English/Spanish)


150 hours of internship every year.


4 years (Degree + Master)


240 ECTS + 750 Master hours

Law Degree + Master in International Law


  • Why should you choose the ISDE’s Law Degree?

    1. The main objective of ISDE´s official Law Degree is to train you as an integral legal expertwith the capacity to lead the development of projects in any of the disciplines that constitute this profession, and thus, to know how to adapt themselves efficiently in a society in constant evolution
    2. The courses of the Law Degree are complemented with training modules in prestigious international universitiesand professional internships in leading law firms and companies with which ISDE has signed collaboration agreements.
    3. ISDE offers excellence-based teaching staff and an exclusive training methodology, which consists in combining theory with analysis, legal argumentation and practical cases that stem from the legal profession.
    4. ISDE has created the mentor figure, giving the students the possibility to have an invaluable resource that are teachers/professionals who will guide them throughout their studies. Therefore, offering them a completely personalized follow-up, optimizing their academic performance, which will help them to make their professional endeavors more successful and concrete.
    5. Practical trainingis part of ISDE´s DNA. At ISDE, we believe that legal training through internships is a fundamental part of personal and professional development.
    6. ISDE promote a learning culture based on the person. We place the student at the center of our concernsand work on his or her personal and professional advancement.

    Why should you study the Master in International Law simultaneously with the Law Degree?

    To succeed in an international context. The Master in International Law is taught simultaneously with the Law Degree during the 4 years of its duration. The subjects that make up the program will provide students with the international aspects that are currently demanded by law firms and companies, increasing the complexity as the courses progress and contributing to the knowledge of the specific subjects to ensure labor insertion.

    The law firms and companies design the content of the program to train students given that, in the future, they will demand as employers. ISDE is a pioneer in the adaptation of university to the profession.

  • ISDE, pioneers in matching university to business.

    You will make 150 hours of practice each course in the best law firms and offices in Spain. Moreover, the training is always done with an essentially practical view and adjusted to the most common case studies in our courts of justice, doing professional practices from the first year. In this sense, the fact that the Master is taught throughout the career makes this program, exclusive of ISDE, unique in the European teaching offer.

  • We are pioneers in the participation of the most prestigious national and international firms in the development of the program’s content. ISDE is the only institution in which the firms are an active part. Our students are trained in the knowledge the firms really need through their lawyers, who tell them exactly what they need to know to be hired by them.

    They work from the method of the client’s demand, so our students are trained to solve legal conflicts with real cases from the first course. The teachers are collaborating partners, many of them shareholders and board members, who treat the students as if they were their own employees and select them to be part of their teams.

  • TOLES stands for “Test of Legal English Skills”. The TOLES program consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by international professionals. ISDE teachers prepare students to achieve the standard of legal English required by international law firms and large corporate legal teams. Students required by employers are excellent writing skills and first class negotiation skills.

    ISDE is an official testing center for TOLES, so students do not have to travel to take the training exam.


    Primer semestre   
    Derecho Constitucional: Constitución y Fuentes del Ordenamiento Jurídico. Justicia Constitucional6Contabilidad20
    Derecho Romano 6Oratoria20
    Habilidades Básicas para el Jurista 3Derecho Chino8
    Introducción a la Economía 6Derecho Germánico6
    Introducción al Sistema Jurídico 6Derecho Islámico 6
    La Formación del Derecho Común Europeo 3Redes Sociales Y Empleabilidad3
    Segundo semestre Deontología Y Ética En El Ejercicio De La Abogacía 4
    Derecho Civil: Derecho de la Persona y de las Relaciones Familiares6Toles 6
    Derecho Constitucional: Organización Constitucional y Territorial del Estado6Prácticas150
    Filosofía del Derecho 6  
    Fundamentos del Derecho Moderno y Contemporáneo6  
    Fundamentos de Derecho Penal y Consecuencias Jurídicas del Délito6  
    Primer semestre Redacción De Contratos 4
    Derecho Civil: Teoría General de la Obligación y del Contrato6Propiedad Intelectual 8
    Derecho Constitucional: Derechos Fundamentales y su Protección6Derecho De Empresa5
    Derecho Internacional Público 6Responsabilidad Civil, Daños Y Aseguramiento 15
    Derecho Presupuestario Español y de la Unión Europea3International Criminal Law 6
    Historia e Instituciones de la Unión Europea 3Diplomacia Corporativa2
    Teoría Jurídica del Delito 6Marketing Jurídico Y Comunicación Personal6
    Segundo semestre Estrategia Procesal8
    Derecho Administrativo: la Actividad de la Adminitración6Redaccion De Escritos Jurídicos 4
    Derecho Civil: Contratos y Responsabilidad Civil 6Derecho Penal Económico 10-12
    Derecho Penal: Parte Especial 6International Protection Of Human Rights 5
    Derecho Procesal: Parte General 6Toles 6
    Derecho de la Unión Europea 6Prácticas150
    Primer semestre Legal Reasoning12
    Derecho Administrativo: la Actividad de la Administracción6Real Estate 10
    Derecho Civil: Derechos Reales 6Derecho Nuevas Tecnologías 10
    Derecho Mercantil: Empresa, Valores y Contratación6Derecho De La Energía 10
    Derecho Procesal: el Proceso Civil 6Derecho Medioambiental5
    Instituciones de Derecho Tributario 6Mediación 5
    Segundo semestre International Arbitration 10
    Derecho Administrativo: Medios, Responsabilidades y Control6Técnicas De Negociación Laboral5
    Derecho Mercantil: Sociedades 6Stock Market/Mercado De Valores 10
    Derecho Procesal: el Proceso Penal 6Industrial Property And Trademarks5
    Derecho del Trabajo: Instituciones y Relaciones Colectivas del Trabajo6Competencia Desleal5
    Sistema Tributario Español 6Urbanismo 5
    Primer semestre Taxation 8
    Derecho Civil: Economía del Matrimonio y Sucesiones6Derecho Concursal 12
    Derecho Internacional Privado: Fundamentos y Patrimonio6Proyect Finance5
    Derecho Mercantil: Mercados Financieros y Concursal6Derecho Regulatorio10
    Derecho del Trabajo: Contrato de Trabajo y Procesal Laboral6Técnicas De Negociación 3
    1 optativa a escoger, según área, entre las ofertadas para el primer semestre 6M&A (Mergers And Adquisitions)15
    Segundo semestre International Contracting10
    Contabilidad para Juristas 3Rrhh Y Coaching 4
    Derecho Internacional Privado de Personas y Familia3Sports Law10
    Trabajo Fin de Grado 6Final Project 
    3 optativas: a escoger, según área, entre las ofertadas para el segundo semestre6  
    Derecho de las Nuevas Tecnologías6  
    Derecho y Religiones6  
    Reestructuraciones Empresariales6  
    Tutela del Crédito y Procesos Especiales6  
    Prácticas Externas6  
    Bienes Públicos, Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente6  
    Derechos Humanos y Justicia6  
    Derecho de la Inmigración6  
    Derecho Inmobiliario Registral6  
    Derecho Penal Económico y de la Empresa6  
    Derecho de la Seguridad Social6  
    Fiscalidad de la Empresa6  
    Fiscalidad Internacional 6  
    Fundamentos Romanísticos del Derecho Privado Europeo6  
    Gobernanza Económica Internacional6  
    Instituciones y Organizaciones Internacionales 6  
    Legal English6  
    Relaciones Familiares y Pluralismo Jurídico6  
    Servicios Públicos y Sectores Regulados 66  
    Sistemas Jurídicos Contemporáneos Comparados6  
  • Mandatory

    In the last two years, trips are made to the USA and the UK. In these academic trips, ISDE students not only receive training from the faculty of the collaborating universities, but they also live a vital experience that favors their personal growth. ISDE has a series of agreements with prestigious universities in both the US and the UK. Together with ISDE’s academic team, they design the corresponding programs tailored to the international and in-depth training that the institution makes available to students. The content of these programmes is always defined by two main approaches: internationality and excellence. Current issues are approached from a broad perspective and with a participatory system that induces students to form their own opinions and to evaluate the environment that will surround them when they finish their studies and join their professional career


    Students can join the Erasmus+ programme for long-term university stays in other European countries. ISDE has agreements with universities in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, France, Italy… that complement the obligatory international stays in the USA and the United Kingdom.

    Prof. Dr. D. José María Aguilar González
    Prof. Dr. D. José Antonio Soler
    Prof. Dª. Mª del Carmen López Herranz
    Prof. D. Alfonso García-Vadecasas Cañedo
    Prof. Dr. D. Carlos Nieto Sánchez
    Prof. Dr. D. Emilio Ramírez Mato
    Profa. Dª. María Xiol Bardají
    Prof. Dr. D. Rafael Martín Rivera
    Prof. D. Antonio Dorado Sánchez
    Prof. Dr. D. Miguel Bustos Rubio
    Prof. Dr. D. Raúl Antonio Corbacho Cambero
    Prof. Dr. D. David Mallo Montoto
    Prof. D. Alejandro Zubimendi Cavia
    Profa. Dra. Dª. Paloma García-Luben Barthe
    Prof. D. Jorge Rodríguez Rodríguez
    Prof. D. Luis Miguel Pérez Aguilera
    Prof. Dr. D. Fernando García-Mon Quirós
    Prof. Dr. D.  Luis Cazorla González-Serrano
    Prof. Dr. D. Antonio Tapia Frade
    Prof. D. Alejandro Zubimendi Cavia
    Profa. Dra. Dª. Carmen Ladrón Guevara
    Prof. Dr. D. Rafael Martín Rivera
    Prof. D. Luis Miguel Pérez Aguilera
    Profa. Dª María Rius Peña
    Profa. Dª Ana Campos Rodríguez de Tembleque
    Profa. Dra. Dª María José Lunas Díaz
    Prof. Dr. D. Antonio Tapia Frade
    Prof. Dr. D. Miguel Bustos Rubio
    Profa. Dra. Dª Carmen Ladrón Guevara
    Profa. Dra. Dª Rut González Hernández
    Prof. Dr. D. Miguel María García Caba
    Profa. Dra. Dª Adriana Lozada Hernández
    Prof. Dr. D. Miguel Ortego Ruiz
    Prof. D. Iván Ruiz de Alegría Carrero
    Profa. Dª Rosa M. Gual Tomàs
    Profa. Dª Elvira García Piñeiro

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