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Master en Asesoría Fiscal y Especialización en Tributación Internacional

Máster Internacional en Asesoría Fiscal

Through this master’s program, it is intended to train the student not as a mere tax adjuster, but as a professional capable of understanding how the tax system works and with a perfect knowledge of the main techniques in estate planning that allow them to lend an integral service to the clients in the development of their professional activity.

Master en Derecho Internacional, Comercio Exterior y Relaciones Internacionales

Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations

This program has been designed for graduates in Law and for lawyers who intend to improve their legal knowledge and practice the profession in an increasingly globalized economic scenario.
The master’s degree includes an academic stay in NUY, New York, and three months of internship at a prestigious firm, nationally or internationally.

Master eSports Business ISDE – Dreamhack

Master esports Business ISDE

Since its appearance in the 70s, the videogame industry has grown to exceed its market competitors in the entertainment sector, causing an explosion in the training offer specialized in the creation and development of video games whose purpose is to train to the professionals of this young industry.

Master en Abogacía Internacional

Master en Abogacía Internacional

This program will allow you to acquire an eminently practical training to practice as a lawyer in international law. After a first theoretical phase, you will be able to apply your knowledge in international law firms and firms. You will learn to detect legally sensitive facts and to reason before the questions raised by the client.
It is the undisputed leading program in the main specialized rankings of our country.

Master en Mercados, Industria y Derecho del Deporte y del Entretenimiento

Master en Mercados, Industria y Derecho del Deporte y del Entretenimiento

The purpose of the Master is to provide an overview of the sport in its economic, organizational, management and presentation aspects of the sports sector within the framework of the common institutions of entertainment.

Master en Derecho de Familia e Infancia

El Máster de especialización en la práctica del Derecho de Familia e Infancia te permitirá hacer de tu vocación una forma de vida, proporcionándote las habilidades profesionales necesarias para poder ejercer como jurista esta materia e, incluso, crear tu propio despacho con personas afines a ti.

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ISDE-Miami Law Global Sports and Entertainment Law Course

Offered in conjunction by ISDE and University of Miami School of Law, this course is for law students and professionals who are interested in broadening their understanding of the global sports and entertainment industries and provides an understanding of the differences and similarities between the U.S. and the international entertainment and sports law landscapes.

Master en Corporate y Dirección Financiera

Master in Corporate Finance & Business Law

The Master in Corporate Finance and Business Law responds to a strong demand by the market and is designed to be compatible with the professional activity or with another training program, providing a complete, intensive, multidisciplinary and international knowledge of legal and financial concepts and practices applicable to corporate operations, integrating the accounting, commercial, legal and tax aspects.

Curso de Experto en Mediación Civil y Mercantil

El curso de Experto en Mediación Civil y Mercantil que imparte ISDE junto con la Cámara de Comercio de Madrid, garantiza el desarrollo profesional de los alumnos combinando un proceso de “Networking” y aprendizaje continuo.

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