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What do you need?

At ISDE you can count on our full support for all your needs whether they be academic, residential or sporting. We work with students on an individual basis to make sure that all of their issues are resolved.

We have collaboration agreements with specialized institutions that offer accommodation services. If you need it, we can advise you on several options: apartments available for ISDE students, residence in families for those foreign students who want to know the local culture, shared apartments, etc.
Social events and activities
In ISDE you are the main character. We start the course with an opening ceremony and during the year we organize teaching breakfasts, social activities and celebrate Christmas. Finally, the course closes with the graduation ceremony attended by personalities from the legal world, authorities, teachers, tutors and students’ families.
ISDE Forum
ISDE FORUM is an intellectual and reflective space, with an eminently practical focus, on all those matters and issues that affect, directly or indirectly, the interests of companies, public administrations, political parties, institutions and other interest groups.
In Spain the health system is public. If you are a citizen of the European Union you can obtain the European Health Insurance Card. If you prefer, you can also take out private health insurance.
Database access
As a student of ISDE you will be able to access the “Casos Reales” database of Legal Dissemination. The platform will help you to know real cases throughout the whole judicial process: from the filing of the lawsuit to the final sentence.
Procedures and student visa
If you are a student from a non-EU country or a signatory of the European Economic Zone Agreement, you must go to your country’s embassy to apply for a student visa.
The ISDE Alumni Circle (CAAI) allows to maintain the relationship between the alumni of the different ISDE promotions, something very important both at a personal and professional level.
Job Bank
To facilitate the incorporation of students and alumni into the world of work, we offer a free job bank service, in which many leading companies and law firms collaborate.
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