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ISDE participates in “India and Europe-Partnership through Law and Business» Conference organized by Jindal Global University in New Delhi, India.

29 abril, 2016

ISDE, Ontier Abogados and Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira have attended recently to the Conference «India and Europe – Partnership through Law and Business», organized by the “Center for Global Corporate and Financial Law and Policy” and “The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution” of Jindal Global University (hereinafter referred to as “JGU”) based in New Delhi, India.

In effect, the Head of the Admissions Department of ISDE, Ms. Sara Navalón, alongside with Mr. Francisco Javier Silván, Partner of the Corporate and M&A Area at Ontier Abogados, and Mr. Alberto Fortún, Partner in the Litigation and International Arbitration Area at Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, took part in this Conference, by actively participating in several of its panels.

Concretely, Mr. Alberto Fortún spoke on the first scheduled panel on Foreign Investment Arbitration in India, displaying the Dispute Resolution practices of European Companies and the differences regarding the resolution culture in India, Mr. Francisco Javier Silván Rodríguez lectured the second panel discussion on Corporate Transactions between India and Europe and how the same deal involves two sets of lawyers advising on the European or on the Indian side of a concrete transaction and how this engagement between both sides differ. Lastly, Sara Navalón imparted a general presentation of ISDE, exposing to the students on the ISDE admission process, explaining its current scholarship offer and answering all the questions relating to the benefits of obtaining a higher education degree in Europe.

The aim of this action-packed trip to JGU was to strengthen institution relationships with JGU on the one hand and on the other hand, to recruit students for a Summer Program organized by ISDE. In this sense, this summer, ISDE will welcome a group of JGU students to study the roles of business and law in Europe. These prospective students will study a variety of topics such as Intellectual Property Law, the EU institutions, and other relating issues at ISDE Madrid’s offices.

In the end the conference was of a great success and the students and all the faculty members were greatly impressed by the professionalism and expertise brought by the ISDE team.

The panelists thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the JGU staff members who accompanied them during all this Conference, specially the Head of the Study Abroad Programs and Vice Dean of JGU Law School.

Overall, this trip undoubtedly has been an important milestone in furthering the ISDE – JGU partnership. ISDE looks forward to consolidating a future collaboration with JGU.

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