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Global Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona

Información del curso


Marcos Picalló Aguilar
Josep F. Vandellos Alamilla










The Global Master in sports Management and Legal Skills with FCB is aimed and focused on the sector of lawyers, business, economic and sports management, or other persons who are already holding a university degree in those areas, who have proved experience and knowledge in the field of Sports.

As it is ISDE’s philosophy we do not only mean our students to reach the most up to date knowledge about Sports Law, but to acquire the skills that will help them to reach their professional goals.

To do so we count on an academic staff composed by the most important lecturers related to the Sports Law world. Their commitment in making of this program the best online master in sports management and legal skills is the guarantee of its unequalled quality.

¿Por qué escoger este Máster?

  • The faculty of this master is formed by the most recognized professionals of the international sports world.
  • You will learn all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to direct and manage sports institutions.

  • Job exchange in which sports organizations collaborate and offices of lawyers of reference for a fast integration where they select to excellently formed professionals.

  • The Master include an optional sports week in Switzerland where you will visit UEFA headquarters and receive practical training in leading sports institutions and law firms, also can choose a unique business and negotiation week in New York City at the Columbia University campus. Students will attend a Graduation ceremony and cocktail the last day. They all will receive a certificate of attendance.

  • Teaching methodology based on a combination of practical cases, lectures, institutional visits and professional practices.

  • Some of the professional careers after finishing the Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills: Management of sports organizations, Law Offices, Sports Agent, Sports Consulting, Sports Equipment Industry, Sports Centers, Federations, Leagues, Clubs and Associations, Training and education, Management in sports service companies, Organization of sporting events.

  • Tutorials and master classes, tutorials designed to solve all your queries through chat or conference. Teachers or the director of the program will respond with chat and include examples and practical exercises to achieve full understanding of the syllabus. The master classes are extraordinary classes to complement the training given by experts in the field. They are recorded and are always available at the platform.

  • Active Teacher, the cloister and the academic direction of our programs are an active part of them. Our teachers give classes including study materials and practical exercises, offer tutoring, prepare and correct exams and evaluate the final grade. The entire faculty of FC Barcelona and ISDE has knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies.

  • The student is the great protagonist, our online training method is fully compatible with your personal and work life. Print your own study pace and choose when to start and finish your training.

  • Academic tutor, a personal tutor will guide you, guide and solve all your doubts, such as academic procedures, procedures or subjects.

  • Referenced program Financial Times.

Salidas profesionales

Some of the professional careers after finishing the Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills:

  • Management of sports organizations
  • Law Offices
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Consulting
  • Sports Equipment Industry
  • Sports Centers
  • Federations, Leagues, Clubs and Associations
  • Training and education
  • Management in sports service companies
  • Organization of sporting events

Programa académico

Duration of the program: (9 months)

(1) Organization of sports.

  • The legal structure and organization of sport (IOC, Sport Accord, International sports federations –FIFA-, national federations, professional leagues, sports entities, US system v. European system, athlete unions).

(2) Marketing, sponsorship and communication in sports.

  • General concepts of marketing. Scope. Strategies. Markets.
  • Sports marketing. Definition. The industry. The Athletes. Sports entities.
  • Brand management. Image rights.
  • Market research.
  • Kit suppliers.
  • Media rights (TV, radio, internet).
  • Marketing plan. Marketing agencies.
  • Sports facilities. Stadia and services.
  • Sponsorship
  • Communication in sport.
  • Ambush marketing.
  • Case

(3) Digital transformation in sports.

  • Big data &Analytics.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Personal data/wearables
  • Digital content and fan engagement v. monetization
  • Social listening transfer to raw data and potential business models.
  • FCB case study.

(4) Management of sports entities.

  • Strategic planning.
  • Organization and management.
  • Risk management.
  • Human resources.
  • Leadership in sports.
  • Change and transitional management in sports.
  • Management of sports facilities.
  • Motivation in the frame of the structural organization.

(5) Finance in sports.

  • Finance Direction of clubs.
  • Accounting.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Income management / Asset management of clubs.
  • Image rights.
  • Corporate finance of clubs.

(6) Sports law.

  • Employment contracts
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Practical Case
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms (FIFA, TAS) (Josep F. Vandellós).
  • Disciplinary and ethics in sports (Alejandra).
  • Minors in Football ().
  • Club’s Licensing & Financial Fair Play (Josep F. Vandellos)
  • Case Josep F Vandellós
  • Case (Alejandra)

(7) Intermediation.

  • Player representation.
  • Match Agents representation.
  • Club representation.

(8) Integrity and doping.


  • Integrity and match fixing.
  • Betting.
  • Case.


  • Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)
  • Proof of doping.
  • Results Management.

(9) Organization of sports competitions and events.

  • Organizing a sports event. Planning and task control.
  • Finances and management of a sports event. Budget control. Income and expenses.
  • Human resources. Team work. Leadership. Volunteers management.
  • Key areas in a sports event: logistics and suppliers. Ceremonies and protocol. Marketing and sponsorship. Image, communication and press. Security and access controls.
  • Tender for the organization of the event.
  • Contingency plan.

(10) Sport IP.

  • The importance of IP in the sports industry.
  • The role of new technology on sports content.
  • The new role of digital content on sponsorship and media rights.
  • IP in the US

(11)  E-sports.

  • Key stakeholders and role players in the industry.
  • Regulatory matters.
  • Event planning. Dreamhack case study.
  • Sponsorship agreements and media rights.
  • Employment relationships between clubs and gamers.
  • Integrity and doping in e-sports.

(12)  Global expansion of sports.

  • Sports are global.
  • Global expansion of sport.
  • Case study FCB.
  • Sports diplomacy
  • Women sports
  • Sports as a global brand

Dirección académica

Marcos Picalló Aguilar

Academic Relations Manager Fútbol Club Barcelona

Lawyer, entrepreneur and a professional in the Sports Industry, nowadays he is responsible for the academic and institutional relations of the Barça Innovation Hub, before his job in Futbol Club Barcelona he worked as project manager and business development for Formula E and Indy Car Series in the US. He also worked in Marketing & PR in the Orange County SC of the USL in California. As well as collaborating in the formation of FEVeS, Spanish Federation of Videogames & eSports and working in Chapman Group, a Sports Marketing Agency that has englobes Media such as SportYou & Basket4Us.

Bachelor in Law per the Complutense University of Madrid, diplomate in Marketing per the University Centre Villanueva, Master in Business & Sports Management per the University of California and MBA in Sports Management in the Real Madrid Business School (European University Laureate).

Josep F. Vandellos Alamilla

International Sports Lawyer

Josep F. Vandellos Alamilla is an international sports lawyer and academic based in Valencia (Spain), he sits as member of the Editorial Board of the publication Football Legal and since 2017 he is the Director of the Global Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills FC Barcelona – ISDE (on-line edition).

He graduated in law at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and holds a Masters degree in International and European Community Law from Universite de Paris-1 Sorbonne. He regularly writes articles for different specialised publications such as Football Legal or the Asser International Sports Law Blog.

During the past years he has assisted and worked with a great number of international athletes, sports federations, leagues, clubs, coaches, agents, assisting them in their day-to-day activities, negotiations, transfers, contractual and disciplinary conflicts, acquiring a unique experience in the sports industry.


Antonio Quintero (Venezuela)Partner at Carrero & Quintero
Alberto Yelmo (Madrid)Senior Lawyer at Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Asociados Abogados
Aldo Liceti (Amsterdam)Finance Manager and Controller Global Football Clubs & Federations at NIKE
Alejandra Salmerón (Switzerland)Group Leader and Legal Counsel at FIFA – Disciplinary Department
Alex Isern (Miami)CEO at ISL
Alexandra Gómez (Amsterdam)FIFPro Senior Legal Counsel
Alexandra Mestre (Portugal)Abreu Avogados
Anna Guix (Barcelona)Intelectual Property Lawyer at FC Barcelona
Arturo Castelló (Valencia)CEO at Encom Games | DreamHack Spain & LatAm
Borja Burguillos (Dubai)Co-Founder and CEO at Valora Digital
Carlos Cantó (Barcelona)CEO at SPSG Consulting and Investments
Carmen Acebes (Madrid)Sports Marketing Consultant
Cristina Belloque (Barcelona)Head of Legal Department at FC Barcelona
Giuseppe Sampino (Germany)Senior Director, Sales and Business Development – Sports Media at Sportradar
Isabel Cortés (Madrid)Pons IP
James Kitching (Adelaide)Managing Director at Kitching Sports
Josep F Vandellós (Valencia)Founder Partner at Sports Law Partners | Arbitrator at Sports Resolutions UK
Jose Beltrán Andreu (Barcelona)Digital Project Manager at F.C. Barcelona
Joaquín Muñoz (Madrid)Head of IT&IP Law at Ontier
Josep M Figueras (Barcelona)Barcelona Managing Director at YouFirstSports
Marcos Picalló (Barcelona)Barça Innovation Hub – Barça Universitas Manager at FC Barcelona
Ornella Desirée (Switzerland)Head of Legal Affairs at European Leagues | Judge of the Players’ Sub-Committee at FIFA
Ramon Robert (Barcelona)Former CEO at RCD Espanyol de Barcelona S.A.D.
Ramune Bistrikaité (Switzerland)Head of Public Affairs at Sportradar | Member of the Legal Expert Group of the Olympic Movement Unit on the Preventioni of the Manipulation at IOC
Ricardo Oliveras (Barcelona)Partner at ECIJA Abogados

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