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The Higher Institute of Law and Economics

An educational institution born in the heart of the law sector

In 1992, Representatives of the main national and international law firms, met in order to discuss the creation of an academic institution, intended solely to legal and economic education of the highest level. It was necessary that Spain had a training center that besides educating college students was able to insert them, with sufficient guarantees into to the best firms. It was a need and requirement by the law firms themselves. Today there are more than 200 law firms in more than 50 countries that have joined the project

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Master en Abogacía Internacional

Master en Abogacía Internacional

This program will allow you to acquire an eminently practical training to practice as a lawyer in international law. After a first theoretical phase, you will be able to apply your knowledge in international law firms and firms. You will learn to detect legally sensitive facts and to reason before the questions raised by the client. It is the undisputed leading program in the main specialized rankings of our country.

Master de Acceso a la Abogacía

Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía

The Master of Access to the Law guarantees quality training to pass the state examination of access to the legal profession and to practice the profession with all the guarantees. 100% of our students passed the entrance exam in its latest edition, after doing internships in the best national and international firms.

Master en Derecho Deportivo Internacional

Master in International Sports Law

The Master in International Sports Law is considered the reference in terms of excellence in the sector. Full-time Master, combines classroom training with on-site closure sessions in Cambridge and Switzerland, in addition to completing mandatory international internships.

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