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Since 1992, the success of ISDE lies in an eminently practical training model that allows the incorporation of our students into the labor market with extensive experience.

What´s the difference between ISDE and other centers?

University centers

The training methodology of the postgraduate and masters is the same as that used in the “grados”: university teaching staff that provides a teaching service based on theoretical study and exams as a result.

ISDE Business Schoo

We are the only center created by the law firms themselves. Currently, we have the collaboration of more than 200 national and international firms that regularly participate in the development of our programs, a faculty composed of the best professionals in the sector and with an eminently practical training methodology as part of the program, which combines theory with a period of compulsory practices of full integration in the best firms, guided by a lawyer-tutor who is responsible for introducing them into the mechanics of work and the legal affairs of the firm. In this way, we guarantee that the contents that are taught respond to the real needs of the professional market.

ISDE Law & Business School, specialized in legal and economic training at the highest level, is also synonymous with internationality. We are the center with the largest number of foreign students. In addition, we offer master’s degree programs at prestigious universities such as Columbia, Oxford or Florida Gainesville, in which international teaching staff participate.

Reasons to study at ISDE


Apoorvi Jha
Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations

Beatriz Suárez
Master in  International Law

Carlota Laborda
Master in Tax Consultancy and specialization in International Taxation

Diego Fernandez Maldonado
Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations

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