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Access + Master in International Law



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Madrid, Barcelona


Madrid: September / February, Barcelona: September





Introduction and objectives

The sum of these two degrees gives the student an advantageous position in the legal market.

The Access to the Legal Profession program guarantees its students quality training not only to pass the state exam for access to the profession, which is compulsory for registration, but also to begin their professional career with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice with all the guarantees required by the profession.

The Master in International Law offers an eminently practical training in which you will learn to apply the law from an international perspective. The program includes languages, practical subjects such as negotiation techniques or public speaking and several law modules that put a special emphasis on those issues of an international nature.

After completing the academic phase of both programs, students do their internship in one of ISDE’s partner firms in their area of specialization. This second phase means a real integration within the host firm since the student will be immersed with the rest of the team from the very first moment.

Structure, location and calendar
Career opportunities
Academic program
Admission process
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