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Madrid: D. José Luis Risco, D. Francisco Javier Silván.
Barcelona: -


Madrid, Barcelona


Madrid: October
Barcelona: January






Academic Stay at NYU

Master in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations

  • Globalization is a fact and the training of lawyers must adapt to this phenomenon, which is changing legal practice. Today, even family businesses are likely to face complex legal issues, involving immigration law, international labour law, international trade or complex tax law regulations.

    In the face of this phenomenon, training in law schools does not sufficiently prepare lawyers to deal with it. This requires additional specialization and that this comes from specialists who are used to working in this new environment. Moreover, this preparation cannot be limited to a mere study of the different subjects that make up the law. More than studied, it must be lived in an environment that reproduces the real cases we will encounter and know how to solve them successfully.

    For all these reasons, this program is specialized in the most recognized firms and organizations that transmit their knowledge and skills to the students in a first phase, those who face the same challenges they assume in their profession. Later, during the internship phase of the program, they are welcomed in their own offices with a view to their definitive incorporation.

  • CAMPUS: Madrid / Barcelona

    START: October / February

    DURATION: Approximately one academic year including an internship from 3 to 6 months

    Following a parallel development of the onsite program, the online format enables students to follow recorded lessons at their convenience.

    Study materials, self-assessment test, exams, case studies and tutoring sessions necessary to guarantee the acquisition of the knowledge and abilities targeted within the programme, will be

    delivered according to the regular progress of the onsite teaching.

    Two phases:

    Support period (4-5 months long)
    Contents are structured as follows:

    • Updated study materials, preparatory and complementary to the recorded lessons
    • Self-assessment test, to encourage and better assimilate contents
    • Assessment exam
    • Case studies
    • Individual tutoring sessions with faculty as to deepen their understanding of a specific, interesting and current area among the ones covered during the program.

    Practical period (3-4 months long)

    Option A 

    Case studies: Once they have assimilated all the knowledge of the teaching phase, students will have to carry out a series of real case studies (of a broader and more in-depth nature than those of the first phase) to accredit that they are capable of applying the knowledge they have acquired.
    TFM: students will have to carry out a Master’s dissertation, which will allow them to improve their research skills, as well as delve into a specific area of major interest and current affairs, among those that have been worked on during the programme.

    Option B 

    Professional immersion in law firms or legal departments of large companies collaborating with ISDE (more than 250) at national and international level.

    • Law and consulting firms in all areas of law (commercial, civil, tax, labour, administrative, industrial and intellectual property, European law, public international, real estate, corporate, procedural, criminal or international trade, among others).
    • Legal departments of national and international companies
    • International organizations such as the European Union, the UN or the European Free Trade Association.
    • Other types of entities, such as foundations, that develop their activity in an international context.

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