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Bar Practice Qualification Course (On site)


Prof. Dr. D. Juan Zornoza Pérez

Rafael Mínguez Prieto




Start: September





Introduction and objectives

Overcoming the very spirit of Law 15/2021, of October 23, amending Law 34/2006, of October 30, on access to the professions of Lawyer and Court Attorney, ISDE has designed a course of access to the practice of law and procurement that not only provides the knowledge and professional skills necessary to pass the subsequent state exam, but also introduces its students to the professional practice of law firms and legal departments and elite attorneys. To this end, it relies on the professional expertise of more than 250 national and international firms, which train students during the first phase of the program and integrate them into their workforces during the internship phase, with a view to their definitive incorporation.

Adding the best of the profession and the academy, the artificial gap between theory and practice is overcome and the students move from the abstraction of the hypothetical case to the direct application in the real case. The final objective is no longer just to pass exams. It is about giving the best possible advice and defence to the one who will be the centre of our professional work: the client.

For a better preparation of your students for their future professional career, access to the practice of law can be combined with the following specialization programs:

  • Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations
  • Master in Sports Management and Legals Skills with F.C. Barcelona
  • Master in Fashion and Luxury: Law, Business and Marketing
  • Master in eSports Business.
Structure, location and calendar
Career opportunities
Academic program
Admission process
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