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Proper training is crucial for professional development.
Choosing excellent training that brings out the best in us is one of the most important decisions we must make. In the professional field, this means learning from the best specialists in each area, facing real cases in a real environment.


This environment has never stopped changing, and training cannot be anchored in models that do not adapt to the new ways of work of the best firms or that prioritize the educational institution over its students.

Just as professionals can have meetings in a physical or virtual room, interacting with other attendees and sharing documents, and much of their work is done in the cloud, ISDE students can choose the program format that best suits them, whether it is in-person, Streaming, or Online.

With the objective in mind, it is they who choose the best path to achieve it.

The Adaptive Method allows acquiring the same knowledge and skills as traditional in-person programs, regardless of the chosen modality. What ISDE guarantees is acquiring the same knowledge and skills regardless of the chosen modality, whether it is in-person or online.



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