Choosing excellence-based training that brings out the best in us is one of the most important decisions we make. In the professional field, this involves learning from the best specialists in each area, facing real cases and in real environments.

This environment has not stopped changing and training should not be anchored in models that do not adapt to the new ways of working of the best firms or that suit the educational institution more than its student’s performance.

In the same way that professionals can hold meetings in a physical or virtual room, interacting with other attendees and sharing documents, ISDE students can attend classes at headquarters or do it in Streaming, recreating the classroom in their own home.

Just as these professionals have management tools that allow them to access the information they need at any time and place and to work with them individually or in teams, ISDE students have a technological platform that gives them access to materials and through which they can interact with their teachers and peers.

With this objective in mind, they choose the best path to achieve it.

ISDE´s Adaptive Method allows you to acquire the same knowledge and skills of traditional full time programs, but with a format adapted to the specific conditions of each student and using the same technology and methods of the leading firms, with which you should become familiar.


In such a way, we attain two objectives:

Tailor made programs to each student and not students to the program.

We therefore reinforce and replicate the day-to-day operations of the best professional firms.

Reach your goals. Choose your own path.

ISDE's Adaptive Method.
Reach the goal. Choose your path.