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3 years + 1 year


120 Credits per year + Master

Sport Management BSc (Hons) + Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona

  • Why should you choose to study Sport Management BSc (Hons) with ISDE and Northumbria University?

    Our programme of study responds to the distinctive needs of international sports organisations. Therefore, the programme has been designed from the outset as a sport management degree, rather than a business degree with a few sport modules attached. Learning in this sport rich environment provides numerous opportunities for you to engage in CPD, volunteering, access a variety of sports networks, and to undertake a placement with a local sport organisation – alternatively, you may choose to complete your placement with an international partner. 

    Due to our unique learning and teaching experience, you will graduate from our degree programme with a rounded knowledge of specific and transferable management skills, which are desirable to a variety of graduate-level employers. 

    Practical training is part of ISDE´s DNA. At ISDE, we believe that legal training through internships is a fundamental part of personal and professional development. 

    ISDE promote a learning culture based on the person. We place the student at the center of our concerns and work on his or her personal and professional advancement

    The Master in sports Management and Legal Skills with FCB is aimed and focused on the sector of lawyers, business, economic and sports management, or other persons who are already holding a university degree in those areas, who have proved experience and knowledge in the field of Sports. 

    This Master does just that, allowing students to learn with some of the leading professionals in the industry, giving them a more realistic perspective of the market than any other program currently in existence. 

    Turn your passion into your future career.


    START: September 


    Bachelor, three years with 120 UK’s credits per year.  

    • Year One at level 4  
    • Year Two at level 5 
    • Year Three at level 6. The last module, a SER UG Project (40 credits), aims to develop your skills of independent working by engaging with a topic of your own choosing.

    Master, one year (Two phases). 

    • Phase 1: Classroom instruction, with 12 modules. 
    • Phase 2: Obligatory integration in practice. 
  • The Sport Management Degree BSc (Hons) 


    Academic & Professional Skills (20 Credits). 

    Fundamentals of Sport Management (20 Credits). 

    Principles of Sport Marketing (20 Credits). 

    Introduction to Research (20 Credits). 

    Finance and Governance in Sport (20 Credits). 

    Social Issues and Sport Consumers (20 Credits). 


    Research Design Analysis (20 Credits). 

    Sport Facility and Operational Management (20 Credits). 

    Sport Leadership and Organisation Behaviour (20 Credits). 

    SER Professional Development & Practice (20 Credits). 

    Managing & Developing the Business of Sport (20 Credits). 

    Digital Sport & Business Marketing (20 Credits). 


    Strategic Business Planning for Managing Sport (20 Credits). 

    Managing Sport Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability (20 Credits). 

    Sport Event Management (20 Credits). 

    Global Sport Business and Management (20 Credits). 

    SER UG Project (40 Credits)*. 


    Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona** 


    Phase 1: Classroom instruction, with 12 modules. 

    • One academic semester in the classroom, dedicated to practical classes with outstanding professionals of the sector. 
    • Students will attend conferences and practical sessions in offices and institutions collaborating with ISDE, with offices in the city of Barcelona. 
    • The Master in Sports Management & Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona includes an educational stay in Switzerland, visiting the most important international sports institutions and some of the specialized firms, located in that country. 

    Phase 2: Obligatory integration in practice. 750 hours (4 mounths). 

    • Compulsory phase. An academic semester in sports related institutions. 

    *The last module, a SER UG Project (40 credits), aims to develop your skills of independent working by engaging with a topic of your own choosing.. You will develop a critical and in-depth knowledge of a specific area (within the remit of your degree programme) in relation to a research or practical problem of contemporary relevance to the industry/profession. You will learn aspects of research such as literature searching, filtering and quality assessment, project design considerations, ethical implications and data analysis methods. You will develop skills such as time management, contingency planning and critical thinking to produce a well-planned, coherent and ethical project

    **The academic program is subject to modifications. 

  • Examples of jobs held by former students of the BSc (Hons) include Marketing Executive at Manchester United, Partnerships Assistant at Tottenham Hotspur FC, Sales Manager (Match & Advertising) at Middlesbrough Football Club, Sport Manager with the Qatar Olympic Committee, and Account Executive with Nike. 

    Examples of firms where of former Master’ students are working are:  

    • Management of sports entities 
    • Law firms 
    • Sports agent 
    • Sports consultancy 
    • Sports equipment industry 
    • Sports Centres 
    • Federations, leagues, clubs and associations 
    • Public administrations 
    • Training and education 
    • Management in sports services companies 
    • Organization of sports events  
  • Direction:

    Dr Berta Benito, Researcher at CESAG  


    • Marta Utor, General Counsel Adviser, Business Affairs at Euroleague 
    • Alex Isern, Co-founder & CEO, ISL  
    • Aisha Al Said, CEO. Amref 
    • Serafin Ibañez, Senior Global Marketing Consultant I Strategic Partnerships I Sports Marketing I Sponsorship I eSports 
    • Ramon Robert, Member of the Board ,Belmonte Group 
    • Didac Severino, Partner (Corporate/M&A) at Pérez-Llorca 
    • Federico Winer, Researcher & Senior Business Development Specialist at addeso  
    • Marcos Picalló, Barça Innovation Hub 
    • Jose Luis Beltran Andreu, Digital Project Manager at FCBARCELONA 
    • Albert Mundet, Director of Innovation, GM Barça Innovation Hub at Strategy & Innovation FC Barcelona 
    • Olivier Gonzalez, Head of Institutional Relations and Protocol in the Government Delegation in Catalonia 
    • Albert Dalmau, Head of Commercial Projects, Summer Tour & Friendlies at FC Barcelona  
  • Fees

    New students. First year:

    • – Reservation of place: 2.000 €.
    • – Monthly fee (10 installments): 1.800 €.

    Students in 2nd year and subsequent years:

    • – Monthly fee (10 installments): 1.800 €.

    General conditions:

    • – For total payments before August 5, a 5% discount will be applied.
    • – ISDE reserves the right to cancel any program that does not reach the minimum number of students necessary to guarantee the correct development of the course.


    ISDE offers the possibility of financing your undergraduate studies for up to 15 years with a grace period of 84 months, thanks to the agreement signed with Bankinter.

    TIN: 4,99%
    Maximum TAE (No grace period. 12 month term)*: 6.09%.
    Opening commission: 0.5%.
    Term up to: 15 years
    Possibility of capital grace period up to: 84 months
    No cancellation fee
    From 3.000 € to 90.000 €
    Term from 12 months

    – Each year you will be able to use the part of the loan you need to pay for your studies for that year.
    – You will only pay interest on the amount you request.

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