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Master in Business Law, Arbitration and ADR


Alejandro Halffter Gallego

Urquiola de Palacio del Valle de Lersundi





(1 academic year)




On-site, Online, Adaptive Method

Introduction and objectives

There are objectives that human beings cannot achieve alone. As a result, we need to partner with others in ever larger and more complex organisations. Partnerships and companies need rules with which to articulate their internal life. Companies also establish relationships with larger society and other companies, which, in turn, leads to new rules. The larger and more international these relationships are, the more complex the rules governing them become. 

This complexity requires specialists, legal professionals who are capable of helping companies overcome difficulties and achieve their objectives. In the field of law, this means lawyers specialising in business law with an in-depth knowledge of company law, contract law, international commercial contracts and competition law.  

Moreover, where there is a relationship, a conflict may arise. It is necessary to have the most effective means of resolving such conflicts and, once again, specialist legal professionals who are fully familiar with the rules that govern conflicts and know how to use these rules for the benefit of the companies. In the field of large operations and international business, this means specialists in arbitration and ADR.  

Who can provide all this? The best specialists, with the best methods. In the case of the Master’s degree in business law, arbitration and ADR, its faculty and methodology speak for themselves.  


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