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Master in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations


Madrid: D. José Luis Risco, D. Francisco Javier Silván.

Barcelona: D. Juan Ignacio Alonso,

D. José Ignacio Parellada.


Madrid, Barcelona


Madrid: October
Barcelona: January




On-site, Online


Academic Stay at NYU

Introduction and objectives

Globalization is a fact and the training of lawyers must adapt to this phenomenon, which is changing legal practice. Today, even family businesses are likely to face complex legal issues, involving immigration law, international labour law, international trade or complex tax law regulations.

In the face of this phenomenon, training in law schools does not sufficiently prepare lawyers to deal with it. This requires additional specialization and that this comes from specialists who are used to working in this new environment. Moreover, this preparation cannot be limited to a mere study of the different subjects that make up the law. More than studied, it must be lived in an environment that reproduces the real cases we will encounter and know how to solve them successfully.

For all these reasons, this program is specialized in the most recognized firms and organizations that transmit their knowledge and skills to the students in a first phase, those who face the same challenges they assume in their profession. Later, during the internship phase of the program, they are welcomed in their own offices with a view to their definitive incorporation.

Structure, location and calendar
Career opportunities
Academic program
Admission process
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