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The commitment to self-improvement, which is best achieved through excellent education, should not be hindered by a lack of financial means to pursue the programs that can help us reach the excellence we aspire to.

Therefore, and to help as much as possible so that economic limitations do not prevent qualified and motivated individuals from accessing our programs, ISDE offers various options for obtaining partial scholarships and personalized financial plans.

Leading Law Firms Scholarship Fund

For recent graduates or professionals with less than three years of experience.

Through this scholarship fund, the partner firms of ISDE’s academic project invest in talented young individuals so that, through ISDE’s Junior programs, they can have direct access to employment with these firms.

The scholarships will be subject to successful completion of the ISDE admission process and will be awarded based on criteria of merit and financial need. Evaluation will be conducted according to a set of criteria, which can be consulted through the following link:

Economist & Jurist Scholarship Fund

For professionals with more than three years of experience.

Through this fund, Economist & Jurist supports those professionals committed to enhancing their knowledge and skills in order to provide better service to their clients and expand the range of services they can offer to them.

Simmons & Simmons Scholarship for Access to the Legal Profession

The prestigious international law firm Simmons & Simmons will grant a scholarship for the Master’s degree in Legal Practice at ISDE to a candidate selected based on merit and financial need criteria. Additionally, this student will undertake the required internship at the firm as part of the Master’s program.

The scholarship fund allocated to a program is always distributed prior to its commencement and until the fund is exhausted. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for a scholarship once the program has started.

Internal financing

The internal financing system of ISDE allows for the development of a personalized payment plan tailored to the student’s economic possibilities, once the inadequacy of any standard options is established. ISDE seeks to support students on their path to academic and professional training by facilitating their access and reducing financial barriers.

External financing

ISDE has signed collaboration agreements with various financial institutions, which allow students to access student loans under favorable conditions. Once a candidate has successfully completed the admission process and if requested, they will be provided with different options to consider if they are interested in utilizing any of them.

Scholarship and Financing Application Form

Before applying for a scholarship, you must have successfully completed the admission process in the selected program. Otherwise, the application will not be processed.
Once the admission process is passed, a personal code called “Student Code” will be provided to the candidate to successfully apply for a scholarship or financing.

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