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ISDE in Ecuador

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On the occasion of the visit to Ecuador of Mr. Jorge Pintó Sala, Director of the Governing Board of ISDE, signed a Collaboration Agreement in which Ms. Carmen Robayo de Hidalgo was appointed as representative of ISDE in Ecuador. We would like to stand out that Mr. Jorge Pintó had the opportunity of visiting the most prestigious Universities in Quito and Guayaquil, and had several interviews with the Deans, [...]

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Published by Expansion y Empleo Published by 'El Mundo' For the sixth consecutive year the prestigious newspaper 'EL MUNDO' places ISDE and its Master programmes as the best postgraduate courses in Law in Spain. The study and development of the ranking asses five different areas, emphasizing the juridical area, and locating ISDE’s Master of Laws in the first position, whose next edition is next October 2009. Published [...]