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Madrid, Barcelona


Madrid: September / February, Barcelona: September





Access + Master in International Advocady

  • The sum of these two degrees gives the student an advantageous position in the legal market.

    The Access to the Legal Profession program guarantees its students quality training not only to pass the state exam for access to the profession, which is compulsory for registration, but also to begin their professional career with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice with all the guarantees required by the profession.

    The Master in International Law offers an eminently practical training in which you will learn to apply the law from an international perspective. The program includes languages, practical subjects such as negotiation techniques or public speaking and several law modules that put a special emphasis on those issues of an international nature.

    After completing the academic phase of both programs, students do their internship in one of ISDE’s partner firms in their area of specialization. This second phase means a real integration within the host firm since the student will be immersed with the rest of the team from the very first moment.

  • CAMPUS: Madrid/Barcelona

    DURATION: 18 months


    Two phases:

    • Phase one: Classroom instruction:
      • One academic year for entrance studies plus one academic semester for international law.
      • Classes from Monday to Thursday. Timetable, according to the access modality chosen.
      • Some mornings per week students will attend lectures and practical sessions at ISDE’s offices and collaborating institutions, with offices in the city of Madrid.
      • Fridays dedicated to personal study, group work and workshops.
      • Depending on the location, students will spend time at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. or at NYU in New York, as part of the Master in International Law program.
    • Second phase: Integration in internships:
      • Mandatory phase. One academic semester in law firms or legal departments of large ISDE collaborating companies (more than 250) both nationally and internationally.

  • The Master in International Law opens up a wide range of professional opportunities. On the one hand, because its study plan does not stick to a specific area of the law, but deals with all those legal specialties that may have an international component. On the other hand, because both commercial activity and public and private relations no longer understand borders.

    In short, this is one of our most recognized masters worldwide and also one of the most professional opportunities.

    After obtaining your degree, you will be able to practice law in many different areas:

    • Law firms and consultancies in all areas of law (commercial, civil, tax, labour, administrative, industrial and intellectual property, European law, public international law, real estate, corporate, procedural, criminal or international commercial law, among others).
    • Legal departments of national and international companies.
    • Staff of international bodies such as the European Union, the UN or the European Free Trade Association.
    • Other types of entities, such as foundations or NGOs, that carry out their activities in an international environment.
    • Teaching and research areas.