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Madrid, Barcelona


Madrid: September, Barcelona: September/February


Spanish, English




NYU University

Access + Master in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations

  • Along with the best training for access to the practice of law, prepare yourself to be able to practice in an international context. Globalization is a fact and the training of lawyers must adapt to this phenomenon, which is changing legal practice. Today, even family businesses are likely to face complex legal issues, involving immigration law, international labour law, international trade or complex tax law regulations.

    In the face of this phenomenon we find that training in law schools does not sufficiently prepare lawyers to deal with it. This requires additional specialisation and that this comes from specialists who are used to working in this new environment. Moreover, this preparation cannot be limited to a mere study of the different subjects that make up the law. More than studied, it must be lived in an environment that reproduces the real cases we will encounter and know how to solve them successfully.

    After completing the academic stage of both programs, students will carry out an internship in their areas of specialization at one of ISDE’s collaborating firms. This stage involves a real integration within the host firm, as the student will, from the very beginning, integrate with the rest of the team. 

  • CAMPUS: Madrid/Barcelona

    DURATION: 18 months


    Two stages: 

    • Stage One: On-site instruction 
      • One academic year for Master of Access in Law and one academic semester for the Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations. 
      • Master of Access in Law: Classes take place Monday to Friday. 
      • Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations: Classes take place Monday to Thursday. 
      • Certain mornings, students will attend lectures and practical sessions at ISDE’s offices and / or collaborating institutions, with offices in Madrid (Spain). 
      • The Master in International Law, Foreign Trade & International Relations includes an academic stay at NYU, in New York (USA) 
    • Stage Two: Internship 
      • Mandatory and unique stage for both programs after completing the Master of Access in Law. Internships will take place at firms or legal departments of large national and international ISDE collaborating companies (more than 250). Internships are validated for both programs. 

  • Law and consulting firms in all areas of law (commercial, civil, tax, labour, administrative, industrial and intellectual property, European law, public international, real estate, corporate, procedural, criminal or international trade, among others).

    Legal departments of national and international companies

    International organizations such as the European Union, the UN or the European Free Trade Association.

    Other types of entities, such as foundations, that develop their activity in an international context.

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