Dña. Rosa Mª Vidal Monferrer
D. Jorge Pérez-Curto


Start: March 2021

(72 hours)





Environmental Expert Course

  • The importance that environmental management is acquiring in business policies makes it necessary to have a specialized figure in environmental management.

    The degree of Environmental Expert of ISDE studies everything related to environmental control, environmental management systems, territorial planning and sustainability, thinking about the creation of cities that advocate the incorporation of technology and the best efficiency and sustainability of their services, promoting the use of clean energies and creating easier cities for their citizens.

    These intelligent cities must have an efficient and environmentally friendly transport, waste properly managed through the use of technology, control and proper energy use promoting the use of renewable energy and using the innovation necessary to promote lower energy consumption. In short, urban planning today must already guide our professionals to create the cities of the future.

  • The program consists of 17 online sessions, between the months of March and May.

    It also has the complement of a four-hour workshop.

  • The title of Environmental Expert offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of career opportunities. Among others:

    • Environmental Management Technician
    • Engineering and environmental consulting companies
    • Construction companies and environmental facilities
    • Environmental services companies
    • Public environmental bodies
    • Environmental departments of companies from different sectors of activity