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Mr. Enrique Ortega Burgos




Start: October

(120 hours)





M&A Specialist Course

  • This Specialist Course is unique in Spain as it combines tax, labour and commercial issues with financial, economic and business aspects that are normally studied separately. There are no other programs in the market that address these issues in a unitary manner.

    We have a programme that trains genuine M&A specialists in accordance with the parameters sought by companies and that significantly improves the profile of candidates for positions in the corporate area.

    The experience acquired in the different editions confirms that the creation of this programme effectively responds to a latent need in law firms, consulting firms and companies. The programme is also very well received and highly employable in the market, with the support of prestigious firms that are looking for experts to join their companies.

    The programmes, aimed at professionals and students in the legal and economic branches, address this type of operation from the point of view of the practical experience of the speakers, including the new features of the current economic situation and the future trends of this type of operation to address the challenges that will arise in the coming years.

    There is no better training approach than transmitting what the speaker usually does, receives and/or expects to receive from the professionals working with him/her. This course brings together the legal and economic keys to corporate movements to enable attendees to become fully immersed in the mechanisms of acquisition, restructuring and corporate financing.

  • 120 hours of classes, given on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, between October and December.

    At ISDE headquarters, 208 Serrano Street.

    • National and international law firms.
    • International consultants.
    • Corporate legal advice to companies.
    • Business and investment banks.
    • Venture capital entities, funds, management companies and investment companies.

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