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Master in Biotechnology and Law


Martín Hernández-Palacio


February 2022

(One academic year)




Online, Adaptive Method

Introduction and objectives

Biotechnology has established itself in its own right as one of the fastest growing sectors with the most profound impact on the lives of people and societies.

Sectors such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, agriculture, food, industry and even the IT sector have biotechnology as their biggest bet for innovation, development and the future.

This immense, growing and varied sector of the economy needs well-prepared professionals to work on aspects ranging from access to markets, patents, intellectual property, technology transfer, to issues such as lobbying before national and international bodies.

The master’s degree in biotechnology and law, pioneering in its genre and innovative in its maximum expression, will prepare you to be that highly demanded professional in this sector. It will include practical teaching provided by some of its most prominent figures and professional internships that will introduce you directly to working in this exciting world.

Structure, location and calendar
Career opportunities
Academic program
Admission process
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