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Master in Corporate and Financial Management

  • The Corporate area requires professionals with a deep preparation on all the essential aspects that affect the world of companies and business and therefore its specialists are among the most demanded.

    In response to this need, this program trains these professionals who specialize in designing and advising on corporate acquisitions and mergers, investment operations, divestments and financing, with a solid background in corporate law and corporate taxation. To this end, they acquire legal, business, financial and tax knowledge of capital companies, corporate operations, taxation and business financing. Likewise, financial products, business financing operations, as well as the markets through which the company can obtain resources are studied, from a legal, fiscal and business perspective.

    In this way, students are trained to advise and plan operations for corporate groups, listed companies or families.

    Designed, directed and taught by active professionals and working with a totally practical approach, based on real operations, this program specializes its students in a sector so in demand, to work in major firms, companies and consulting firms.

  • Following a parallel development of the onsite program, the online format enables students to follow recorded lessons at their convenience.

    Study materials, self-assessment test, exams, case studies and tutoring sessions necessary to guarantee the acquisition of the knowledge and abilities targeted within the programme, will be delivered according to the regular progress of the onsite teaching.

    Two phases:

    Support period (4-5 months long)
    Contents are structured as follows:

    • Updated study materials, preparatory and complementary to the recorded lessons
    • Self-assessment test, to encourage and better assimilate contents
    • Assessment exam
    • Case studies
    • Individual tutoring sessions with faculty as to deepen their understanding of a specific, interesting and current area among the ones covered during the program.

    Practical period (3-4 months long)

    • Case studies: Once all contents from the first phase have been assimilated, students will have to solve a series of study cases (more complex and wider than those covered during the first phase) to prove that they are able to apply the acquired knowledge
    • Final Dissertation: Students will have to write a final dissertation. This final work will help them improve their research abilities as well

  • The Master in Corporate is designed to prepare students in an intensive, multidisciplinary and practical way, orienting them to the professional world of legal and business advice and consultancy, where more and more trained professionals are required.

    After obtaining the qualification of this master, you will be able to practice in a wide range of professional opportunities.

    • National and international law firms.
    • International consulting firms.
    • Corporate legal advice for companies.
    • Business and investment banks.
    • Venture capital entities, funds, management companies and investment companies.

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