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Master in Entertainment Law: Audiovisual, music, sports and entertainment industry


D. Óscar Palet Santandreu

D. Francisco E. Giménez Merchante

D. Jesús M. Coca López





(An academic year)


Spanish, English


Online, Adaptive Method

Introduction and objectives

There is an immense industry, of which practically all of us are consumers and whose growth is exponential. We are talking about the entertainment industry. Why continue as a spectator when you can participate, be a protagonist and contribute to creating what you are passionate about?

The audiovisual, sports, video game, music and entertainment industry markets are undergoing a profound technological transformation that requires specialized professionals and lawyers who can function in an environment in which the artistic and creative are combined with the legal and business.

The Master’s Degree in Entertainment Law: Audiovisual, Music, Sports and Entertainment Industry offers a solid and comprehensive training base, for those who want to develop their career in the world of television, sports, audiovisual and music production, technology companies with business development on the Internet, the video game industry, the performing arts, the promotion and development of sporting events, concerts, festivals, shows, and musical tours.

Its teaching staff comes from the most prestigious law firms and specialists from the main companies and institutions in the audiovisual, music, sports and video game industries. It is these firms and companies that open their doors to students so that, through the internship phase, they begin their professional career in this exciting world.


Structure, location and calendar
Career opportunities
Academic program
Admission process
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