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Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona

  • The Master in sports Management and Legal Skills with FCB is aimed and focused on the sector of lawyers, business, economic and sports management, or other persons who are already holding a university degree in those areas, who have proved experience and knowledge in the field of Sports.

    As it is ISDE’s philosophy we do not only mean our students to reach the most up to date knowledge about Sports Law, but to acquire the skills that will help them to reach their professional goals.

    To do so we count on an academic staff composed by the most important lecturers related to the Sports Law world. Their commitment in making of this program the best online master in sports management and legal skills is the guarantee of its unequalled quality.

  • CAMPUS: Barcelona

    DURATION 18 months.


    Two phases:

    Phase one: Classroom instruction:

    • One academic semester in the classroom, dedicated to practical classes with outstanding professionals of the sector.
    • Classes from Monday to Thursday, in the afternoon.
    • Some mornings per week students will attend conferences and practical sessions in offices and institutions collaborating with ISDE, with offices in the city of Barcelona.
    • Fridays dedicated to personal study, group work and workshops.
    • The Master in Sports Management & Legal Skills with F.C. Barcelona includes an educational stay in Switzerland, visiting the most important international sports institutions and some of the specialized firms, located in that country.

    Second phase: Integration in internships:

    • Compulsory phase. An academic semester in law firms, clubs or sports institutions.

    • Management of sports entities
    • Law firms
    • Sports agent
    • Sports consultancy
    • Sports equipment industry
    • Sports Centres
    • Federations, leagues, clubs and associations
    • Public administration
    • Training and education
    • Management in sports services companies
    • Organization of sports events


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