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D. Plácido Molina
Dña. Cristina de Amunátegui




October 2022

(18 months duration)





Master of Access to the Legal Profession

  • The current system of access to the legal profession in Spain has established a system that accredits minimal knowledge and skills in new lawyers.

    However, those who wish to go beyond these requirements and aspire to become part of the elite of the profession must follow a different and more demanding path.  If you want to be among the best lawyers of the future, you have to train with the best of the present. Those specialists from the most reputable firms who will help you go from books and notes to the application of law in real cases, in a real environment and with the best customer service as a goal.

    To this end and during the teaching period (Module I to III), students consolidate their knowledge of law, while learning to work with real cases and in the real environment in which they occur. They do this with the help of prestigious teachers and renowned professionals, who begin the selection process for the internship in class. Visits and workshops are also carried out in different firms, where students get used to their working methods and get to know first-hand both their managers and the issues they face in their day-to-day work.

    The preparation of this program is not only directed at the way the profession is practiced today, but also at how it will be practiced and what will be demanded of lawyers in the immediate future. Thus, you will learn how to work in any area of law firms (Cravath or Wachtell models) or legal departments of large companies, as well as in ALSP or startups in the legaltech sector.

    To complete the training as a T-Shaped lawyer, workshops are given, role-playing is done and work is done on negotiation skills, public speaking, time organization strategies and resource management. All of this allows you to acquire the skills that are a differentiating element and a lever for professional promotion.

    Finally, and thanks to personalized guidance and direct contact with employers, whose human resources departments are directly involved in the development of the program, students are incorporated into their internship period (Module V), taking into account the firms and areas for which they are most inclined and for which they show the best skills. This training period will be compatible with the preparation of the Master’s work (Module IV), which must be presented to a panel after completion of the internship.

  • CAMPUS: Madrid
    DURATION: 18 months


    Phase one:

    • Classroom instruction:
    • A full academic year.
    • Classes from Monday to Thursday in the morning and Friday for extracurricular sessions, conferences and practical sessions in offices and institutions collaborating with ISDE.

    Second phase (Integration in practices):

    • Obligatory phase. One academic semester in law firms or legal departments of big companies collaborating with ISDE (more than 250), both national and international.

  • Studying the Master of Access to Lawyers ISDE prepares you for today’s legal market, where not only law firms and legal advisors of companies compete, but also ALSPs, highly specialized boutiques and other structures formed by hybrid teams.

    The Master allows you to differentiate yourself and get to know those who are a reference in the sector, who will be your professors in the program and your guides at the beginning of your professional career.


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