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Brilliant lecture on Mediation by Professor Carter, from Columbia University at ISDE

21 December, 2016

This week ISDE had the great honor of hosting Ms Alexandra Carter, one of the most significant professors of Columbia University at its headquarters, in Madrid.


Professor Carter imparted a lecture on Mediation in the US, exposing the main Challenges and Opportunities of this Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system, which is becoming more and more popular in this country.

Graduate and Postgraduate ISDE students were delighted with this dynamic session and they had the chance of putting into practice their own negotiation skills through a fictional case proposed by the professor.

During this practical lecture, Prof. Carter explained the utility and the huge importance of Mediation and its basic principles.

Additionally, Ms. Carter, made the most of this occasion by announcing the content of the lesson she will impart during the upcoming American Law Experience Course at Columbia University, in New York in January 2017.

We hope to have Ms Carter soon again with us.

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