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“At ISDE we are not only trained in Law, we are trained as Lawyers”

30 October, 2018

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Laína Covián Marquiegui is a student of the Degree in Law and Master in International Law from ISDE. Civil and Criminal Law are among your favorite subjects. This year she is in the second year and has already done internships in a Law firm: RLD. Although she has thought of presenting the public examination for State Lawyer, she does not rule out developing her career in a prestigious law firm. Maybe outside of Spain. And for that, she is committed to a training that, in addition to Law, connects her with the professional sector.

When choosing a program such as the Degree in Law & Master in International Law, what is your professional objective?

Get very far in the sector of law. In principle, I plan on competing to be a State Lawyer, but I do not rule out the option of working in a good firm either in Spain or abroad once I have secured the public examination.

Once in the program, what do you value most?

There are two things that are undoubtedly the most valued, both very different and necessary: ​​the first is that the Degree in Law & Master in International Law from ISDE is a program that as it is taught opens many doors for the future, prepares you for tomorrow, not just for an exam in January or May. This is thanks to the practical approach of all the subjects, to the master that complements this training and especially to the internships.

Another thing that I value most about ISDE is people, from my classmates to my teachers. Going to live away from home, away from your family and friends to a new and bigger city is not easy. But there are people wherever you are who always make you feel at home, people who manage to make you more and more excited about your career, your future and friends who would not change for anything.

Which is your favorite subject?

So far, I have studied several subjects that I liked a lot and among them I could not decide on one. Last year my favorite subject was Civil Law, Contracts and Obligations; I found it interesting, logical and entertaining. In addition, everything I learned about this subject was very useful later during the month of internship. Among the subjects of the second year there are two that have caught my attention and that every day I like more: Criminal and Administrative Law.

How was your first work experience in an office?

It was a unique experience. I have been doing internship at RLD, a legal boutique for business counsel. When I arrived the first week, the senior lawyers did not know what tasks or jobs to entrust to a student of first year of Law. Little by little, they realized that I could be of help in many things; for example, seeking jurisprudence in databases related to pending cases, comparing and reviewing contracts, translating documents…

How has this experience contributed to you training, personally and professionally?

Personally, both the internship and the fact of having a work schedule, of relating with professional lawyers, of following rules of protocol and discipline and of working in a group, has helped me to mature and to be able to see how could be my possible day to day in the future. Professionally, the internships involve work experience; In my opinion absolutely essential nowadays and valued by all.

Looking forward to your next internships, where would you like to work?

I would like to work in a large international civil or criminal law firm, where every day I have the opportunity to practice and improve my English.

As a law student, do you think your training responds to the reality of the labor market?

Definitely. In fact, this is precisely one of the things that I value most of this training that ISDE offers me. They do not teach us only Law, but they teach us to be lawyers and prepare us from the first moment to know how to be and work in a great law firm

To what extent do you consider it important to have international experience?

Being able to study abroad part of our master’s subjects supposes a cultural and personal enrichment, very necessary also for the future. Last July, the undergraduate students went to the University of Cambridge to take subjects such as Common Law, Common Wealth, Brexit … This stay abroad has been an unforgettable experience for all, in which we have learned a lot and we have known another country with its culture, people and customs. But what is noteworthy about this trip is that, above all, it has united us not only as companions but also as friends.

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