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Masterclass by Captain Victor Llorente, cybersecurity specialist in the Army

1 May, 2024

Captain Víctor Llorente, a distinguished cybersecurity specialist from the Army and collaborator with INTA, recently delivered a crucial masterclass to the students of the International Master in Tax Advisory at ISDE. In his presentation titled “The Challenges of Cybersecurity,” Llorente explored the complexities of protecting information in an increasingly digital and connected world.

During the session, he emphasized the importance of understanding current and future vulnerabilities in critical information systems, highlighting real cases that have impacted both the public and private sectors. His practical approach and ability to translate complex technical problems into comprehensible strategies deeply resonated with the students, who gained not only technical knowledge but also a strategic perspective on how to tackle digital security challenges in their future legal careers.

This event reflects ISDE’s commitment to integrating cybersecurity education within the legal field, preparing students not only to face traditional legal challenges but also to lead in the protection against emerging digital threats.


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