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Professional relations in Japan: much more than just protocol

30 October, 2018


Japan is the third largest economy in the world and one of the first in purchasing power, security, innovation, traditions and influence in the Asian region. Therefore, being able to establish and maintain business relationships in this country should be an objective for all professionals and international companies. Although this year, 2018, has completed 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Spain, our country still does not reach other European countries regarding business relations in Japan.

Japanese thinking in business encompasses much more than mere protocols such as bending down to greet or exchanging cards known as “meishi”. In addition, memorizing what should or should not be done, provokes a false sense of security that is clear when one is in Japan, realizing that what has been learned by heart does not help to understand what is happening. No doubt knowing the Japanese protocol of business is interesting and necessary but it is not enough.

Understanding what the Japanese consider to be the correct way of doing business, that is, trust, is not limited to knowledge of culture, economics, politics and protocol, but requires a cultural understanding beyond mere courtesies.

Thus, the essential thing is to know the reasons underlying the protocols, what should or should not be done and said to avoid offenses and break relations, as well as the changes that are taking place in Japan and that have rendered obsolete many of the stereotypes, although not all.

This seminar will explain the essential aspects of Japanese business thinking as well as the reasons for them and will show the most frequent misunderstandings that prevent the successful completion of professional and business relationships.


1. Why should I know these aspects in order to achieve good relations in Japan and with Japanese nationals?

2. Japanese in business.

3. Main Japanese cultural values ​​in professional relationships.

4. Common misunderstandings produced by misinterpreting actions and words.

5. Essential aspects of business and professional relations with Japanese.


The seminar is aimed at postgraduates, managers and professionals.

Date: November 22nd, 2018.

Duration: 4 hours from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Place: ISDE, C / Serrano 208

Biographical review: Gloria García, Ph.D.

• PhD in Economics, specializing in International Asian Businesses and Honorary Distinction for the research “Japanese Culture and Thought in the International Business Negotiation”, Japan. ICADE

• President of CIIRA, International Center for Research and Relations of Asia, ISDE Law-Business School

• Visiting Researcher of the ISS (Shaken), of the University of Tokyo.

• Author of several publications and researcher participating in international conferences

• International expert in Japan and Asia, competitive differentiating strategy, intercultural negotiation,strategic management He has collaborated with the Elcano Royal Institute and the EU-Japan Center in Brussels.

• Director and professor of the Master in International Business Management of ICADE B.S. (2003-2016)

• Director of Culture in Business Week, held in China (2006-2009).

• Director of International Strategy at Alcatel Telecom and IDE at ACEX.

• President of the International Commission, College of Economists of Madrid (1996-2008)

• Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Economists of Madrid (1998-2008)

Places limited by strict order of registration

Tuition Fee: € 60.00

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