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Roundtable on “Amnesty within the Framework of Natural and Positive Law”

1 May, 2024

Last week, in collaboration with ELSA Madrid, ISDE Madrid had the honor of hosting a crucial roundtable on “Amnesty within the Framework of Natural and Positive Law.” This event brought together students, academics, and legal professionals to discuss one of the most complex and debated topics in the legal field.

Moderated by the distinguished Jose Palazuelos from the Supreme Court, and featuring experts such as Nicolás Gonzalez-Cuellar Serrano, Lucia Pedreño Navarro, and Jose Alberto Fernández Rodera, the event provided a rich exploration of how amnesty intertwines with law, morality, and politics. Participants delved into the impact of amnesty on modern society and global legal systems, providing insights that will resonate in their future practices and studies.

We thank everyone who joined us in this meaningful dialogue and hope that the discussions initiated here continue to inspire and foster constructive debates in the future.


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