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The students of the double degree in Law and Master in International Law participate in an academic stay in Cambridge.

1 August, 2018

isdegrado london
Between the 1st and 27th of July, the students of the double degree in Law and Master in International Law from ISDE have enjoyed an academic stay at St Catharine’s College in Cambridge, taking subjects related to the academic program of the Master in International Law is a joint effort, in which students in this double degree of ISDE to expand their training in an international environment, which has also allowed them to perfect their legal English

The subjects they studied, and those that were examined on the last school day, are Common Law, Commonwealth, ADR and Brexit, taught by prestigious professors who achieved the attention of the students through a didactic and participatory teaching method. In addition to these, it is worth highlighting the courses taught by Professor Kalyani, from the prestigious Jindal University of India, specifically the Moot Court, which consisted of a group work that ended with an explanation in the form of an oral presentation to the rest of the students to their colleagues.

They also participated in workshops that were directed by lawyers of prestigious English firms, to which they could ask about their work experience in the world of law and specifically in that country.

Along with the classes, the students have enjoyed and enriched their academic stay in the United Kingdom with field trips and activities in London and Oxford, among other cities in the country.

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