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Symposium ‘the new law that regulates the access to Advocacy in Spain’

29 November, 2010

Mr. Alejandro Pintó, President of ISDE, hosted a Symposium about the new law that regulates the access to Advocacy in Spain.

Mr. Alejandro Pintó, President of ISDE, hosted a Symposium about the new law that regulates the access to Advocacy in Spain.

Representatives of the Organizations and Institutions most directly implied met to discuss the subject. Members of the Attorneys and the Estate Attorneys organizations, of the Ministries of Justice and Education, from the Universities both public and private, from the Institutes of Legal Practice, from the Bars and from the press both general and specialized took part on the discussion.

Mr. Juan José Moreno Navarro, Mr. Alejandro Pintó Sala, Mr. Santiago Hurtado, Mr. Ignacio Urrutia, Mr. Manuel Bermejo and Ms. Victoria Martínez-Vares.

From their debate we can first conclude that there is a common will of collaborating in developing the aspects of the law in the best way possible, and the consensus in which the final objectives are. This common will is a guarantee of the final success they will reach by working together in saving the problems that are still to be solved, some of which found a starting solution during the debate.

Mr. Jorge Pintó Sala, Mr. Edmundo Bal Francés, Mr. José Antonio Álvarez Gundín and Mr. Juan José Moreno Navarro.

Something they all agreed with was the necessity of making the Master previous to the test of acces to the practice of Law something more than just a way of passing this test. This Master must be the key for making the graduates in Law real and excellent Lawyers. They also agreed in the fact that the Students will choose those Institutions that can guarantee them this superior education. All of them told how ISDE is a perfect example of an Institution ready to supply the students with this kind of education, as ISDE has a large experience in collaborating with the Law Firms and in incorporating the students on them through its Master programs.

Ms. Itziar Murillo, Mr. Alejandro Martín, Ms. Esther Ortín, Ms. Juan José Sánchez Puig and Mr. Jorge Pintó Sala .

After the Symposium the participants had the chance to continue talking while sharing a pleasant dinner.

Mr. Alejandro Pintó, President of ISDE was the hostess of this meeting and was accompanied by Mr. Juan José Sánchez Puig, Director of ISDE and Mr. Jorge Pintó, Director of Economist & Jurist.

Representing the institutions and professional associations these were the people who participated in the Symposium.

Mr. Antonio Hernández Gil, first vicepresident of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española. Mr. José Moreno Navarro Director of the Universities Councel. Mr. Santiago Hurtado, Technical General Director of the Ministry of Justice. Mr. Edmundo Bal President of the Estate Lawyers. Mr. Manuel Bermejo, Dean of social and juridical sciences of the Universtiy Carlos III.. Mr. Ignacio Urrutia, Associate Director of the Bachelor Business program of the IE University. Ms. Esther Ortín President of Ortín Associated Lawyers.Ms Itziar Murillo Program’s Director of ISDE. Mr. Alejandro Martín, Director of Admissions in ISDE. Mr. José Antonio Álvarez , deputy Director of the Newspaper La Razon who acted as moderator of the debate. Ms. Victoria Martínez-Vares, magazine manager from Wolters Kluwer-Expansión.

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