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Training as a DPO is a job with a future and with great demand in the coming years

31 May, 2018

foto proteccion de datos

The recent entry into force of the European Regulation of Data Protection supposes for the companies the fulfillment of new obligations and the creation of a new figure: the data protection officer (DPO) or delegate of data protection

The Expert Course on Data Protection and Preparation for the ISDE DPO Certificate: is an advanced program to specialize in data protection, since it adapts the requirements of the regulation to specific actions that avoid privacy risks. Throughout this course, participants learn to correctly plan the GDPR implementation project, identify sensitive data, develop risk maps that allow evaluation, control and mitigation, manage data transfers, monitor or document privacy controls. In short, it is about learning to effectively manage change with policies and concrete actions.

Among other aspects, the role of figures and corporate positions of recent creation or with new functions is also analyzed, as is the case of the DPO, but also of the compliance officer (responsible for regulatory compliance) and the chief operation officer (operations director). .

After completing this course, all participants will receive the necessary training to take the DPO exam, according to the certification scheme published by the Data Protection Agency. The preparation of this test allows a specialization and deepening in terms of privacy, Internet of things, blockchain, privacy from design, crimes and electronic scams, among others.

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