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Two prominent members of our academic community at ISDE were recognized for their 25 years of dedication and excellence in legal practice

8 May, 2024

Yesterday, May 6th, we had the honor of celebrating a significant milestone in the careers of two distinguished members of our ISDE academic community. At a very special event at the Illustrious Bar Association, professors Cristina Belloque and Carles Frigola were recognized for their 25 years of dedication and excellence in the legal profession.

This recognition not only highlights the professional trajectory of Cristina and Carles but also their ongoing commitment to education and the development of the legal future. They were accompanied by the Honorable Ms. Montse Pintó Sala, director of ISDE Barcelona and deputy of the ICAB, who emphasized the importance of their contribution not only as lawyers but also as educators who have positively influenced the careers of countless students over the years.

At ISDE, we are deeply proud to have professionals of such high caliber in our faculty, who not only teach based on their experience but also continue to be active leaders in the legal community. Congratulations to Cristina and Carles for this well-deserved recognition, and thank you for your tireless dedication to the profession and legal education.


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