Skip to main content cities, 3 campusesISDE alumni on all three campuses will find opportunities for sporting activities, attending courses, conferences, and keynote sessions outside of the defined academic program. All ISDE activities are designed to promote greater knowledge and to strengthen the mutual ties among fellow students.

ISDE Madrid

Street Serrano, 208
28002 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 91 436 17 96

ISDE Barcelona

Avda. Tibidabo 30
08022 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 931 146 814

ISDE New York

The Empire State Building (Administrative office)
350 5th Avenue, 59th Floor New York
NY,10118 (USA)
Phone: (+1) 212-601-2783

What do you need?

At ISDE you can count on our full support for all your needs whether they be academic, residential or sporting. We work with students on an individual basis to make sure that all of their issues are resolved.

We can advise on specialized institutions that offer hosting services and/or provide you with the contact details of other ISDE students looking for apartments to share.

Sport is an essential complement to student life. You will be eligible for a reduced price at the World Trade Center gym. Throughout the course there are excursions, paddle tournaments, bike trips and other activities organised by the students.

At ISDE you are the focus of attention. We start the course with an official opening. During the year we organise teaching breakfasts, at Christmas there is a celebration and throughout the year there are various other social activities. We end the course with a graduation ceremony attended by people from the legal world, teachers, tutors and the families of the alumni.

The health system in Spain is public. European Union residents can obtain a health card to access it. You are also able to contract private medical insurance.

You will be able to access the “Casos Reales” database run by Difusión Jurídica. This will help you to become familiar with real cases from the initial filing to the final sentence.

If you are a student from a country that is not a member of the EU or a signatory of the European Economic Area you must ask the embassy of your country for the necessary paperwork to obtain a student visa.

The ISDE Alumni Circle (CAAI) allows you to maintain the relationship between the alumni of the various ISDE promotions, which is very important both personally and professionally.

Created by the students themselves, with the support of ISDE, the CAAI organizes activities, seminars and meetings that encourage contact between former colleagues who share experiences and opportunities, exchange knowledge and receive support in their professional career.

In order to make it easier for students and alumni to join the world of work, we offer a free job search service, where multiple companies and reference law firms collaborate.

This service has allowed over the years that students integrate quickly into the professional world and that companies and law firms can select well-trained professionals.

CAAI job search

We organize periodic seminars and seminars on legal issues due to the numerous agreements reached with prestigious national and international companies. For example, in Madrid we take courses in securities law, with the collaboration of the Madrid Stock Exchange and Aune Madrid, in which students from all the universities of that community participate.

In addition, we maintain partnerships with universities and research centers, such as CIDDRIM (Center for Research and Development of Registration and Commercial Law), with which we organize events in which all ISDE students and alumni can participate.

Escuela infantil los Bollitos  located 3 km from ISDE Madrid, where ISDE students can leave their children for hours to facilitate the reconciliation of educational and family life.

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