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Pérez Fernández, Luis

Luis Pérez & Asociados. Abogados.

Practising lawyer from January 2005 to the present, intervening since that year in civil, criminal and labor proceedings. Bankruptcy administrator and Civil and Commercial mediator, he directs the office “Luis Pérez. Lawyers” in Oviedo.

He is also an arbitrator attached to the Court of Arbitration of Oviedo and a civil and commercial mediator.

He currently counts among his clients the commercial Caja Rural de Asturias, and he also gives professional advice to several associations in Oviedo such as the Association of Fibromyalgia sufferers in Asturias, and the Association of rural and urban property owners in Oviedo and its council, of which he was the main promoter and co-founder. He also participated as a legal advisor in the mortgage brokerage service of the Principality of Asturias and in the immigrant care office of the Oviedo City Council.

In the academic field, he is an associate professor of Procedural Law at the University of Oviedo, of the University Master’s Degree in Law at the University of Oviedo and tutor of the professional practices in the University Master’s Degree in Law at the same university. He was also a professor in the Master of Business Management in the Construction Sector (FLC), in the School of Legal Practice of the Principality of Asturias and in the Course of Expert in Conflict Mediation of the University of Oviedo -Course 2014-2015-.

As a speaker he participated in several conferences in the field of civil and immigration law and, as a researcher, he is the author of several communications in the field of family law.

He actively participates in institutional law, where he was Vice President of the Young Lawyers Group of ICA OVIEDO from 2009 to 2012 and a member of the New Technologies Commission of that association.

He is currently a member of the Honorary Commission of ICA Oviedo, coordinator of the center of studies of the extrajudicial area and member of the permanent Assembly of that corporation.

He was a member of Punto Radio Asturias and participated in the television program “El Alegato”, broadcast on Teleasturias.

He is Vice President of the Spanish Association of Matrimonial Law and co-founder of the commercial company Legal Software, which markets the office management application Abogaplus, and also of the commercial company Health Tech Europe, dedicated to the telemedicine sector.

In 2017 he was awarded the European Medal of Merit for Work by the European Association of Economics and Competitiveness in Madrid. He is also an honorary member of Laboral 2000 (Asturian Association of Labor Consultants and Experts in Labor and Social Security Law).

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