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Tapia, Mikel

Universidad Carlos III

Mikel Tapia is Professor of Finance at Universidad Carlos III. BS and PhD in Economics at Universidad del País Vasco.

Mikel’s research interest has focused on market microstructure and asset pricing. His research covers the role of market design and its consequences in trading costs, valuation, liquidity, etc. His papers has been published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, the International Review of Economics & Finance, the European Journal of Finance, the Journal of Wine Economics or Computational Intelligence among others.

He has taught at Universities: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad de Valencia, Universidad de Oviedo or IE Business School among others; at companies and financial markets: the Spanish Market of Financial Futures (MEFF), the Bilbao Stock Exchange, Mercedes-Benz, EADS or Vodafone.

In the part of professional activity, Mikel is member of the Board of BME Clearing and of the Technical Advisory Committee of the IBEX 35®. He has also done consulting for companies, financial markets and law firms.

mikel tapia
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