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Start: September

(Duration: 18 months)





Access + Master in Industrial and Intellectual Property, Competition and New Technologies

  • Get the most solid training as a lawyer, from the most important firms, while you specialize in one of the professions of the future, with a Master’s degree guaranteed by the number 1 in industrial protection of patents and trademarks in Spain. A unique program with huge professional opportunities created by PONS Escuela de Negocios in collaboration with ISDE.

    It combines the access program with the best pass rate in the state exam in Spain, while you specialize in one of the sectors of the future, with the endorsement of one of the oldest schools in the field. Do it with one of the programs of reference for all the professionals of the law linked to the management and protection of intangibles both in the national and international panorama – accredited by the recognized solvency of PONS IP, international leader in topics of industrial and intellectual property for more than 70 years -, as well as the support of a wide group of professionals proceeding from the principal companies and leading institutions in our country.

  • CAMPUS: Madrid

    DURATION: 18 months


    Two phases:

    • Phase one: Classroom instruction:
      • One academic year for entrance studies plus one academic semester for international law.
      • Classes from Monday to Thursday. Timetable, according to the access modality chosen.
      • Some mornings per week students will attend lectures and practical sessions at ISDE’s offices and collaborating institutions, with offices in the city of Madrid.
      • Fridays dedicated to personal study, group work and workshops.
      • Depending on the location, students will spend time at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. or at NYU in New York, as part of the Master in International Law program.
    • Second phase: Integration in internships:
      • Mandatory phase. One academic semester in law firms or legal departments of large ISDE collaborating companies (more than 250) both nationally and internationally.

  • If you have always imagined yourself working in one of the companies that build the future, welcome. With the Master in Industrial and Intellectual Property, Competition and New Technologies of PONS Escuela de Negocios you will be able to play in the front line of a market that does not stop growing because the management of the intangible has become the real engine of innovation. Whether you are a large technological or scientific company, a law firm, an industrial corporation, a research centre, the audiovisual world or the fashion sector, everything revolves around ideas, brands, patents and their protection, which is our speciality.

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