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Access + Master in Family and Childhood Law



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Introduction and objectives

To be trained as a great family lawyer is one of the clearest signs of living the profession as an authentic vocation.

After all, this area is in a way a summary of everything that the law is and what it protects. The common and the individual, the public and the private and very especially the defense of the weakest. All this makes the professionals who work in this area “of a different kind” and have a clear vocation for the subject.

The Master’s Degree in the practice of Family and Childhood Law will allow you to make this vocation your way of life, providing you with the professional skills necessary to be able to practice as a lawyer in this field. The perfect combination of theory and practice from Spain’s most prestigious family law firms makes this Master’s the perfect choice if you want to work for a specialized firm or create your own professional project.

These professionals will make you know and master all the procedural and technical aspects, as well as the last jurisprudential tendencies, at the same time that they will perfect all those essential tools for a correct professional performance from the beginning to the end of the most frequent procedures, either by the friendly or contentious way.

How to attract clients, what to bear in mind when setting your fees or what guidelines you should take into account for the best defence in court are some of the skills you will learn through the most complete programme available in the current training offer.

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