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Sabrina Buljubasic, ISDE Alumnus, returns to ISDE´s classrooms as a lecturer

7 June, 2019


Sabrina Buljubasic, ISDE Alumnus, returns to the classrooms of our institution, although now she does so as lecturer of the Master in International Sports Law.

After having achieved numerous successes as an athlete, sports agent and columnist, Sabrina is nowadays the CEO of F.C. Sarajevo, being the first woman to occupy such a position.

Once again, we are proud to see how one of our “Alumni” has achieved professional success and shares her knowledge and experience at for those who today, occupy a place where she was, not so long ago.

In this way, the students of the master not only receive important lessons from someone with her brilliant career, but they also have a mirror in which to look at themselves.

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